LEAN is core to what we deliver. With a range of supporting services, we help customers diagnose and solve complex problems from the boardroom to the factory floor, with emphasis on business growth, cost reduction, knowledge transfer and sustainable change. Our LEAN services include LEAN Transformation deployment, LEAN strategy development, LEAN leadership development, LEAN operations consulting and LEAN mentoring to build internal capabilities.

With emphasis on higher efficiency, better quality, faster customer service and waste reduction, we help customers take advantage of faster processes, lower cost and improved quality by conducting a full diagnostic in order to gain a thorough understanding of their your business. We then conduct external benchmarking before mapping out processes and defining a view forward that takes into account bottlenecks and opportunities.

This diagnostic helps our customers understand the current state of their businesses, how it will benefit from such LEAN transformation and what major activities will be embarked on to lead the transformation efforts towards a LEANer and more efficient enterprise.

Our LEAN consultancy includes development of a transformation roadmap, senior leadership engagement, LEAN assessment, coaching and facilitating continuous improvement workshop (Kaizen) and as well as providing LEAN training for various level of people.

LEAN Transformation Deployment

Aimed at identifying burning issues of the business and discovering opportunities throughout the value-stream of products or services for customers, this process involves gap-fit assessment, establish roadmap, plan resources and organization structure that ensure success of the rollout.

LEAN Strategy Development

LEAN principles are embodied in all corporate strategy – from LEAN philosophy and LEAN methodology to LEAN culture. We assist by visioning business goals, policy development that help to achieve annual objectives and growth in human capital.

LEAN Leadership Development

The provision of a comprehensive introduction to key LEAN principles and practices that can be applied across many environments for LEAN Leaders, means that our clients key leaders will drive LEAN Transformation, learn how to lead Kaizen sessions, how to analyse value stream maps for identifying improvement areas, how to develop leaders standard work that is essential to do effective daily management and how to mentor and coach others.

LEAN Operations Consulting

Providing a baseline from which to operate from, clients will receive recommendations to help them improve operations. Areas assessed include production, store, supply chain, inventory, product quality, maintenance, office transactions and IT technology.

LEAN Coaching

With widespread acceptance of the role coaching plays in effective leadership, LEAN coaching will help you with motivation, asking the right questions and providing goals (not tasks). Each session provides an opportunity to coach others on how to think and improve process efficiency with specific LEAN tools and approach. As a results, self-sustained capability is built.

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